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Backflow Testing With Thacker Plumbing & Heating

Backflow Testing with Thacker Plumbing & Heating

Most municipal building codes call for a backflow prevention device to be installed in most commercial buildings. There are also some residential areas that require backflow testing.  These devices are required at each cross-connection point in the plumbing systems. The codes also require that these devices be tested annually by a plumber that is certified to do so. Thacker Plumbing and Heating is certified to test and service these backflow prevention devices.

What is Backflow?

In municipal water lines, clean water flows under pressure to your home and business. Backflow is when dirty water flows in the opposite direction in these lines. This water may be a health hazard as it may contain feces, chemicals, fertilizer, pesticides, and other harmful materials. This backflow happens at the points where the clean water and dirty water cross-connect in your plumbing system.

What is a Backflow Prevention Device? Why do we install them?

A backflow prevention device is normally a pair of mechanical check valves which prevent the dirty water from flowing backward to the clean water supply if there is a sudden change in water pressure. If this device is properly installed and maintained, it will keep your drinking water clean and safe.

Backflow Prevention Device Testing

Testing a backflow device should be done annually to ensure proper function and code compliance. We are certified to test and maintain these devices and can handle the necessary paperwork for your annual inspection, as required by the water company. Call us today to schedule your annual check-up.

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